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By filling out this form, you are enrolling one or more of your company's sites in the Aero Excellence process. This grants you access to the Aero Excellence industrial maturity assessment grid, recognized by all major clients in the aerospace, space, and defense industries. Access to the platform allows you to conduct a self-assessment, which will then be evaluated by Aero Excellence assessors qualified by SPACE, either from your client or from a pool of industry assessors. This evaluation takes place over 4 days (1 day remotely and 3 days on-site). You also have access to documentation to assist you in the self-assessment phase (handbook), as well as a catalog of support solutions (training, consulting) referenced for Aero Excellence. It is also through this platform that your evaluation report can be shared with your clients based on your decision.

The Aero Excellence maturity grid is based on proven and recognized industrial best practices in the industry. It enables you to develop your continuous maturity and performance improvement plan, which is valuable to all your clients in the Aerospace, Space, and Defense sectors.

The membership fee for the process is determined according to the following GIFAS grid:

Tarification Grid

After completing the following form, you will receive the General Terms of Use for the platform and your invoicing for membership in the process within 15 days. Your registration and access will be validated upon acceptance of the General Terms of Use and payment of your invoice.

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